ITS Launches Site Survey of Wifi Network

In an effort to support the rapidly increasing number of wireless devices used by students and employees, ITS has developed a plan to significantly expand the Wifi network on campus.  This is a major initiative that relies on collaborative partnerships between University staff in Ann Arbor and Dearborn, as well as external vendors.  They deployment will upgrade the current Cisco-based network to a fully 802.11n standard with more than double the number of access points (AP's), and adaptability to add more AP's in the future.  Phase I of the upgrade will focus on high priority sites, such as Mardigian Library, Fairlane Center-South, University Center, and CASL Building.

As an important first step of the design process, a complete Wifi site survey of the campus will be by Sentinel Technologies.  They will visit every building to determine wireless requirements, test for radio frequency (rf) interference and signal strength, and identify optimum installation locations for access points. Sentinel Technologies will begin the site survey this Thursday and Friday, October 25th-26th, 2012, in UC, CIS, SLRC, PEC and ASC.  Their technicians will visit each room within the buildings, where they install temporary access points and signal strength and coverage for each area.  You are likely to see them using specialized scanning equipment and monitors.  Sentinel employees will wear identification badges and will be accompanied by building staff or Public Safety officers as they search each location.  Over the next four to six weeks, Sentinel will continue surveying all buildings.  We will share information with you on the dates they are visiting and on their targeted sites each week.  

We appreciate your patience and will make every effort to minimize disruption.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at 313-593-5519.

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