Key Initiatives

The following technology projects are underway or have been recently completed.  Moving forward, the IT governance process will prioritize technology projects on an annual basis.

IT Governance


The information technology governance structure for UM-Dearborn is intended to ensure that user needs and experiences deeply inform our campus-wide technology strategy and investments.


Current Phase: An IT governance structure has been refined and is under review in Fall 2013. Governance structure launch is scheduled for January 2014.

Desktop Intergration

The IT Shared Services initiative has brought together technical support personnel previously assigned to disparate units into a single team.  This initiative is designed to assess methods and practices for providing support to the campus, identify best practices, and implement across campus.  In addition, closer collaboration among team members including cross-training will result in a "deeper bench" of professionals better able to support one another, and our colleagues in offices and classrooms.


Current Phase: The team is identifying critical processes for review and improvement, prioritizing the resulting list, and devising action plans for implementation of best practices.

Storage Solutions

The University of Michigan offers a service that provides 50 Gig of storage space in the cloud (M+Box).  This service is available at no charge to currently active faculty, staff, and students.  It provides an easy way to store and share personal and work files, and to collaborate with others inside and outside of UM.  In addition, IT has partnered with academic units to develop an affordable option for campus researchers who need to store large amounts of data in a centralized location.  Contact any desktop tech team member for more information.


Current Phase: Available now.

Campus Wireless Expansion

The rapid growth of mobile devices demands significant growth in the campus wireless network. To support increased and reliable access to wireless across campus, resources have been designated and reserved for expansion over the next three years.


Current Phase:  Campus wide site survey is complete.   Phase I, high priority sites are  Mardigian Library, Fairlane Center Campus, University Center, and College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL) Building

Progress to Date:  Mardigian Library wireless expansion completed and activated on September 1, 2013

Next Phase:  Planning is underway to expand wireless in four additional buildings by Fall 2014.

  •  CASL Building - scheduled for completion by January 1, 2014

  •  Fairlane Center-North - scheduled for completion by March 1, 2014

  •  University Center - scheduled for completion by May 1, 2014

  •  Engineering Lab Building - estimated completion by July 1, 2014


On-Campus Academic Computing Strategy

Faced with decreasing space availability and the need for a broader look at how our campus might more effectively support student needs for computing while on campus, tech team members are researching leading practices and technologies.

Current Phase ITS and unit team members have deployed tools to show lab use across campus to enable students to find open computers for use.  A longer range strategy for academic computing labs is being investigated.

Business Intelligence (Web Focus)

To support well-informed decision-making, we are developing enhanced functionality in WebFocus, a centralized reporting system that extracts data from the Banner/Oracle data warehouse. Users will be able to review basic “dashboards’ and ultimately, customize their own reports.


Current Phase:  Phase I is under development and will be launched in Winter 2014.