Updating Your UMICH Password

What is my UMICH password?

There are many different University computing services that you may need to access, both in Ann Arbor and Dearborn.  There are also several types of directory services used to authenticate your identity before you are allowed to login to these systems.  It is unwieldy for people to keep track of which password is needed for each service, so the University has moved to a universal password – the UMICH password – to simplify your experience.  For most people, your UMICH password is the same as your Kerberos password.

Why do I need to change my password if it is working?

In the past, you had to keep track of two University passwords:   (1) Dearborn password for systems on our campus, and (2) Kerberos for systems in Ann Arbor.  We always recommended that they be kept the same so there would not be the need to figure out which password was needed for which system.  Our ultimate goal has been to reduce those to a single password that would be easier for people to manage.  Over the years, we have switched many Dearborn systems to the Kerberos login.


As technology continues to change and evolve Active Directory (AD) is another type of directory service that is now being used for authenticating to systems.  Every member of the UM community with a profile in the MCommunity Directory has an Active Directory account.  If you have not changed your UMICH password since May 2012, you may have an Active Directory password that is different from your UMICH password.


Since May 2012, when people change their UMICH/kerberos password, it is automatically synchronized to Active Directory for you, so the password is the same for both.   We have also changed our process, so when you update your UMICH password it also synchronizes with Dearborn systems.


ITS is continuing to retire the use of Dearborn passwords on campus systems and switch to Active Directory.  We are encouraging people to update their UMICH password so that the new one will be synchronized with all systems in Ann Arbor and Dearborn.  This will help ensure your new password will work with any system you need to login to.  

How do I change my UMICH password

•                Using a web browser, go to http://directory.umd.umich.edu/

•                Select My Account from the gold toolbar at the top of the screen

•                Type in your uniqname and click Continue

•                Type in your current Dearborn password and click Continue

•                From the General options listed on the left, select Password

•                Type your current UMICH-Kerberos password in the box indicated

•                Enter your new UMICH password twice in the boxes indicated

•                Click on Change Password to submit the change.

•                A password strength checker is in place to help you choose a stronger password.  The system will tell you if it was successful.  If it is considered "too obvious", you will have to select a different password that conforms to the requirements.

What if I don't remember my old passwords?

It is not unusual for people to forget passwords that they don’t use often.  If you don’t remember your password(s), the ITS Accounts Office can provide you with a temporary one so you can login and update your UMICH password.  They can be contacted at (313) 593-3274 or accounts@umd.umich.edu

How do I select a safe and secure UMICH password?

It’s important to choose a secure password to protect your personal and financial information.  Remember, your UMICH password allows you to view and modify employment and payroll information on Wolverine Access. There are automated programs used for malicious purposes that try to guess your password.  The stronger your password, the more difficult it will be to steal it.


Your new UMICH password MUST

  -  Use 9 or more characters

  -  Include at least three of these types of characters

          Lowercase letters

          Uppercase letters





 -  Be a word or simple phrase

 -  Contain four numbers in ascending or descending order  (i.e., 12345 or 98765)

 -  Use parts of your name

 -  Use your initials preceded or followed by numbers

TIP:  To make a strong and memorable password, use the first letters of the words in a phrase.  For example, a phrase like "too hot today for me" could be 2Ht2dy4me.


TIP:  Select a unique password for UM use only -- not one you are using or have used outside the university for other computing accounts.  The university uses strong encryption methods to protect your password.  If you use that same password for services that do not offer such protection, you put your UMICH password at risk.

What about my wireless mobile devices?

If you sync your mobile device to university mail/calendars, be sure to update your mobile device to use your new UMICH password. This will ensure that you continue to receive email/calendar updates on your mobile device.